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Bathroom Lighting

Modern bathrooms are one of the fanciest rooms of the house and the effort in getting it right is only second to the kitchen. Bathroom lighting needs to cover such a wide variety of task in a small room with lots of highly reflective surfaces and lots of water, which makes this room a bit of a challenge.

Since most of the task in the bathroom involve water you may find there are a lot of restrictions that your local council may put on what you can do. Some places have restrictions on placing switches within the bathroom, lights near the shower and any within reach. Once you have the regulations sorted there you need a good balance of light. To soft and you can't get an accurate picture of what you will look light, to bright and you will be washed out and blinded. There are some good that can help in the bathroom though
  • Follow your local safety standards
  • Don't angle lights directly at mirrors
  • A Small light in the cabinets are very helpful
  • Use waterproof fixtures and fittings
  • Don't places anything where it may be splashed
  • Main switches outside the room
  • Recessed fixtures mean you want bump them
  • Install a dimmer for those nighttime trips

Mirror Lighting

What you are looking to achieve is light from all top bottom and sides aimed at the face (and not the mirror). This means that you get a uniform light across the face and you don't have any shadows that may alter your look.


It's difficult getting a light physically inside the shower, but you do need light there so make sure that (with the doors/curtains closed) that any lights outside are positioned so there is enough light inside.